Cow jumps fence at the salebarn

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How'd you get your fence jumper contained so you could get her into the trailer? Rope her down? Did she clear the fence on the first leap out of the trailer, or did she get to plant her feet on their property first?
She had never jumped before, so loaded just fine.
This is in the rules @ local sale barn: All livestock delivered before sale day or left over 3 days (Owner of cattle responsible for any damages to barn).
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The burger was just average. 2 cost 20.00.
That sounds pretty close to $10 each (for the math challenged) or less than $9.50 plus tax.
Odd way of pricing, all menus I've ever seen price by the item, ie 1 burger, 1 pizza ect.
Or is it you always eat 2?
Some Americans love to super-size everything or can't imagine ordering only one. :)
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