Cow jumps fence at the salebarn

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That sounds pretty close to $10 each (for the math challenged) or less than $9.50 plus tax.
Odd way of pricing, all menus I've ever seen price by the item, ie 1 burger, 1 pizza ect.
Or is it you always eat 2?
Some Americans love to super-size everything or can't imagine ordering only one. :)
Lol. No, they are $10 each on menu. I bought my brother lunch, so I paid $20 for 2 burgers.
About five years ago I had the sale barn lose two calves. One they sold with someone else's calves, and the other they never did figure out what happened to it. They did make good on it, but I am sure I took a loss. That was the last year I ever sent any calve to the sale barn without ear tags. I make sure that my brand is on the ear tag now. I am pretty sure that they put my calves in with someone else's the day I dropped them off. At the time I only had twenty some head.

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