Can you use a mulcher to chaff hay?

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Dec 27, 2007
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Mackay Queensland
Hi all,

Currently looking at options to reduce wastage when feeding hay to our herd through winter. The best option to date seems to be to cut into chaff and feed out in tubs but chaff cutters are expensive.

Some of the garden mulchers on the market in Australia advertise that they can be used for cutting chaff. Has anyone had any success with using a mulcher to make chaff? Have you found another piece of equipment that does the job for you? Any other ideas/suggestions?

I imagine it would work, but even for 10 cows it sounds like it would be a lot of work, to me I don't think it would pay for itself, there will be fuel costs and time in running it, of course nothing lasts forever, of course this is the same for a true chaffer, and you had better hope there are no rake tines, etc in the bale (our wheel rake is bad for breaking them off and the baler will bale 2x4's if you feed it some)... I would maybe look into good feed bunks that the cattle can't pull the hay out of too easily if you have a few dozen head, or the real deal for anything more