Calf and mother Nutrition

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Aug 17, 2008
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ye well i got a calf, that was adopted by a jersey we bought for that purpose.I got a few different questions , and it would be great if anyone out there could give me some good answer, thx in advance

a pretty big lot of questions and information, please read and answer if you can thx

ill try and put up some pictures in revelance to my question asp if that would be helpful

1. this calf is about 4 months old, and im hoping to let it out with the other cattle on the main farm by christmas, latly ive been feeding it cow meal everyday to sort of act as a finisher , get some more growth, how much of this meal should this calf be fed per day, ive been feeding it just some , but today fed it a kg, and ye i was just wondering what would be best? its not a fast eater by the way, so ye ... what eight of feed per day would be the most effective? and adding to this question, how much do you think its jersey foster mother should be fed per day? shes pretty skinny and im kinda worried bout it , and i know they are suppost to be skinny cause they are putting the effort into the milk, but how skinny is too skinny ?

main qs

how much cow meal should i feed the 4 month old calf per day, for it to be weaned by christmas, any good methods for weaning ?

how much cow meal should be fed to the foster mother per day ?

for a lactating jersey cow , how skinny would be too skinny , preferbly an answer to do with a physical look considering i dont have cattle scales....?

when should the foster mother by left to dry, and then put into calf, considering that she is an ex dairy cow and now only provides milk for foster calves ....?

when is it best to graze grass ? at what stage of growth? , at the moment its very green and starting to seed, is this an optimum time to graze it off ? (most of the grass is love grass).......

thankyou once again