Big foot and a dead calf

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I butchered a 5 year old that WAS bred for a fall (after NOT calving in spring). Lost it somewhere along the way, so she was a fat butterball. We wanted hamburg. Butcher called and said we didn't feed her enough - she was really, really FAT. Said the steaks looked amazing - that we should package up the steaks. OK
Ugggh - taste is horrible. Lots of YELLOW fat, strong taste because of grass and AGE.
Meat is tender, we just don't like the flavor. So, Phil cuts all the fat off BEFORE we cook it and that has helped. We are going to try marinating in Italian Dressing?? We have even resorted to GIVING them away - with the warning that they are strong tasting. Haven't gotten any report back yet. And, a big full grown cow has LOTS of steaks!!!!
Kabobs and cube steaks are good.
Being injured and all, I wondered how her eating would be. They tough?

I've got a 12 and a 14 year old I pick up tomorrow. They were butterball fat. You've officially got me worried.
The ribeyes on my gal are just absolutely terrible. Like chewing on rubber or tougher than jerkey. The flavor is good. I'm gonna try and beat the holy heck out of em with a hammer and make a chicken fry or two. If that fails, I'll make dog food!!
I won't be doing that again. Burger only and filets.

She was NOT a fed cow. Been on grass all summer.

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