Goat Milk Replacer for a Calf???

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May 7, 2016
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I had an uncle give me a bag of goat milk replacer, and I'm wondering if I could use the replacer for a calf?
I've had a calf on a goat for a while, and I've known a couple folks that raised calves on goats.
At our old place the neighbor lady had goats. I used goat milk for a calf for a couple weeks until I had a cow to graft it on. Calf did fine on it. Have heard of using goat milk on foals that lost their dam, but not sure on the reliability of the source.
Tractor supply has a milk replacer product that has pictures of a calf , a lamb and a kid . Maybe even a piglet ? Calls it a multiple species product.
I often keep a small bag on hand during calving season in case I get a bottle calf. By the time I get to the bottom of the bag I know if I need to buy a big bag of calf milk replacer or not. Never experienced a problem.

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