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Dec 17, 2006
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Have a heifer that had a C-section calf this year. It has always been my policy to just ship the cow as it will never breed back. I personally have never tried to keep one to see if it would breed back or not, it's just how Geandpa did it, and how Dad did it. Had a vet tell me today that is not necessarily so, but I didn't have a chance to ask any questions or gather any more info. Any one had any experience with this? Maybe MilkMaid can answer this question? I am not looking for a "yes" or "no" unless it is based on personal experience. Thanks.
we had cows that had c sections and bred back,one of them even had 2 c sections,they prolly culled them as the cervix wasnt big enough and had less trouble
we had a C-section 9 or 10yrs ago.it was a holstein heifer.an she had a 125lb or bigger hol heifer calf in her.the heifer weighed prolly 800lbs or more.did the c-section on her.the calf lived.an the heifer bred back an calved again.so yes she should breed back less she has other probs.
we have had three C sections in our farming. All three bred back on time and raised a nice bunch of calves. One of the C sections was a cow with a twisted uterus. She bred back on time for an other 4 years. We shipped her this fall and she was 13 years old
She had a C section because the calf had one leg tucked behind and I couldnt get the calf pushed back in to get the leg unfolded. It doesn't really cost me anything to keep her, got more grass than the herd can possibly eat, and hay stacked up from this year to three years ago. So I will give her a another try and see how it goes. Thank you all for the replies.
Had a cow that prolpased with first calf and went on to settle just fine bred back. Had second calf okay but had twins third group via c-section . came back in heat and settled. We had another cow c-section on first calf but had three calves after that without an issue.
I don't have experience with beef "touch wood" but with Holsteins we would have the occasional cow/heifer that needed a c section and they would breed back most of the time and go on to have a successful delivery on their own..Breeding back for a high production herd is hard enough so I don't think a c section is a reason for one not to breed back unless there was damage to the uterus ..
If it needed c-section; you must cull it, you have enough work without breeding hard calving cows.
I can't see why the wouldn't breed back, unless maybe an infection. And I can't see given a cow another chance. Seems she would probably require another c section.
I can certainly understand the last two statements. Usually I am pretty ruthless in my culling practices. But in this case, I will probably give her another shot. The C section wasn't due to small pelvis or anything like that. The calf had one front leg tucked behind, and by the time I caught the problem, the calf was out too far to get pushed back in for repositioning. Im not thinking it will be a chronic yearly problem. Couple that with the fact that I already have two years (and now a vet bill) invested in this animal, and I think I will take the risk. Throw her in with my heifer bull again in spring. If its a mistake, its my mistake. I will be sure to share the results either way, and give you a chance to say "I told you so". Thanks for the replies!
Give her a chance. Had my best cow have a c-section 1 1/2 years ago and was ready to take her to sale when she started bagging up. had a beautiful little (60) pound calf naturally. If not for my daughter wanting to keep her I would have sent her packing long time ago. vet said she may not breed back but the good Lord works in mysterious ways!!!!!!
I'd ship her-if you cull everyone you get rid of some good ones but all the bad ones. The only one I ever kept was a yearling that was calving in the feedlot. The last thing I want to look at in my cowherd is zipper scars.

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