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I don't know what the author of the SD article meant by "other primates".
Cattle are ruminants and bovids. By "other primates" do you mean primates in general? Is my human male Y chromosome genetically weak as compared with a bovine bull's?
Here is another article on the same subject . Let me know what you want to nit pick about this article that has nothing to do with the reasearch discussed with in it.
Who said the bull did not influence the cow? You can go back to the good old days and see how Conan of Wye impacted that herd.
What did you see as an impact from Conan of Wye. I have a couple of Franchester sons, and really like the docility and fleshing ability, along with some phenomenal growth from one.
The Bedouin kept pedigree records of the Arabians by the mare's bloodlines. Where as we'd say Dry Doc by Doc Bar by Three Bars, they'd say (Mare's name) out of (mare's name) out of (mare's name)_ etc
This is true! They kept there records by the tail female line. Buy doing so they set in a family type. Type is explained by - masculine looks feminine looks speed or color. It then transcends down along all animals with that look. In America we have blended all the family lines together and this breed has lost something in there looks action etc.
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I'd hate to get too far into genetics because it's above my pay grade but I will give the opinion that while both sides need to be considered it does seem some traits are generally acknowledged to be more likely to be passed down one side or the other. Good specific examples escape me at the moment however.

Edit: it just occurred to me that calving ease is a trait generally believed to be more strongly influenced by the dam's side of the family.
Agreed. I believe breed is dependant. And Bull age also.
My question is how accurately femininity, and masculinity can be selected for; as humans we tend to anthropomorphize. One has to make sure they are not just selecting cows that lack ability to transmit muscle even to their bull calves. They're is a whole rabbit hole of sexual dimorphism caracteristics that rarely are talked about, and maybe not known by many breeders.

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