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Oct 1, 2008
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Northern New England Region, Tenterfield NSW Austr
I'm going to use this bull over some of my grey registered cows.
Well as you all know already, I am a beginner with beef and know nothing,, BUT I really like him..
I do not know very much about the breed, but he does look like he is consistent and strong all the way through..

So,, nice bull. Would I use him here, no, but I sure would have alot of visitors to our ranch just to see this fella.. ;-)

Looks to me like he would be a nice asset to any herd in your region..
S&WSigma40VEShooter":3bczb17u said:
hillsdown":3bczb17u said:
I have to add , have you checked his feet ,,,the front ones in the pic look off..

He toes out for sure. Definitely dont want that in a herd. It is a structural defect.[/quote theres nothing wrong with his feet like he said,,, its coming from higher up
I'm speaking from ignorance here regarding Brahmans but when I look at him I kind of feel he should have a touch more depth through the heart girth area to make him really well balanced. Is this correct or am I completely off? Other than that I like him a lot.

Edit: I just found this photo in one of the sale catalogues. To me he looks like a nice bull although maybe a touch more length. Again just looking for some guidance.
I'm with Aussie Cowgirl on that. A touch more heart girth wouldn 't be bad, althought I think he's a good specimen.
i like a bull with a little better sheath :cowboy:

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