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Jan 25, 2016
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i need a few brangus bulls to pick from for ordering semen and was looking for anyone who has experience to offer up a few. I would want them to be fairly well proven. Primary goal is making replacements but will probably NOT use sexed semen. Docility important. I will be breeding angus, sim angus and angusxchar. X.....all are low 5 frame and not heavy milkers. They have already had at least 2 or 3 calves all with moderate bw 60-70. Dispositions vary. Thanks in advance
We don't have any daughters in production yet, but we have been using 607L11 and Final Cut a lot the last couple of years. L11 is a legend in the breed as far as making cows. Final Cut isn't the greatest in maternal calving ease, but most of the calves we have by him have been very growthy but moderate and very easy fleshing. Lots of muscle. We have a couple of heifers that we are very, very excited about. Coronado and the Csonka bloodline are also worth looking at. Coronado will take frame down a notch and take away some growth but the females we have in production have been doing a good job raising calves. I would say he improves milk a bit. We haven't had any disposition issues with any of those bloodlines. I would say the Coronados have been the most laid back. Lots of sons out there now that would be worth looking into!

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