Wasn't someone in Texas looking for a Brangus bull

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Here is a nice one at a good price. They have a leasing option as well....$300 a month. So, get your cows bred for $600!! https://www.jjcattleco.com/catalog/5560
jjcattleco always offers some of the nicest Brahma influenced replacement heifers you'll find anywhere. Makes you wonder were they find so many. They also offer feed sales and the bull deals.
I'm not that impressed with that bull. It may just be the pics though.

There was a guy that bought some of their heifers around here. They seem to push a lot of that feed they sell to them to give them that fleshy, shiny look. The ones he bought melted like an ice cream cone.
how far from jjcattle are you, @tex452 ? From time to time they have things I am looking for, for some of my clients. Would be nice to have someone we could pay to go put eyes on them sometimes.
I'll have to google where their place is, I'm about 30 miles west of Aggie land.
As much as I would like to help it would be hard for me to do it, just too busy, but my son might have more time because he's off different days of the week.
He would probably like to do it.