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can you breed a beefmaster bul to a murraygrey cow or would this be a dumb idea? are they to big , has anybody tried this? my cow is about 900 lbs. i want to make a thicker bodied cow. this would be by AI.
>yrs ago I saw a herd of beefmaster cows put with murray bulls in cent. missouri. I remember the whole batch of cattle looked pretty nice. BUT what are YOU looking for? Any outcross from a moderate bull should give you enough hybrid boost to hit a 1200lb terminal cross. Don't try to breed frame score 6.5 cattle in a single generation, I grew up with a polled herford herd back when everyone looked for size. Grandpa bought a big bull and I swear we had to pull every calf that hit the ground, lost a cow, ruined another and I remember the vet cutting a calf into parts to get it out of the cow! Calving ease was at the head of my wish list when I started looking at breeds!

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