Beefmaster cross

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Her mother is dog tame. My only complaint with this calf is she's a bit skittish. Sudden movements scare her
Hard to tell much from that angle, but that should be a good cross, and if her momma is a good one, if you like her I would be inclined to keep her for a while and see how she grows out and if she settles down some. I've had some that were jumpy when they were younger and grew out of it, and some I've had stayed that way and started rubbing off on the others and had to go to town.
Other side but still quartering to me. Black cow is her mother. The heifer with the paint is her 5 month old 1/2 sister (i think).


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Nice looking heifers. If you like the cows they are out of then already 2 things going for them. Then don't see any reason not to keep them at this point.
Beefmaster x Angus or Hereford should make some good cows.
We had a cow that looks about like the red heifer laying down, currently have a daughter of her by a Hereford bull.

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