Beef master semen

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Aug 29, 2005
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Does anyone here ai with Beefmaster Semen? I am in ky thinking bout ai to Beefmaster but would like to find some that are moderate framed and not real late puberty wise.
There are a few, but very few, Beefmaster folks here in KY, as far as I can tell.
I will say that some BMxAN bred heifers I saw sell through the W.KY Select Heifer sale at Guthrie a year or two back were the best-looking things I saw in the whole offering. But... in light of today's weather... I don't see much need to introduce any Brahman influence into my herd, as much as I like a little 'ear'.

Beefmaster offerings from the major AI studs are minimal at best. Bovine Elite has the largest selection of Beefmaster (as well as Brahman and other Brahman-influenced breeds) semen that I'm aware of. Seems like the cost/unit is way higher on most than I'd be willing to pay, for use on a commercial beef herd.
Try checking with Ozark and Heart of America (OHOA) Beefmaster group. Several producers in Missouri and think I remember seeing straws advertised in the $25-35 range in last publication. Finding moderate framed might be a bit more challenging depending on your definition.