any guesses on breed?

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Dec 27, 2003
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Took a picture of a cow, and am wondering the breed. Any ideas? She is approximately 3 years old, and is the all black cow in the foreground.

Thanks for your help.

The view is what I like!
The cow could be any of the dozen or so breeds that now come in black varieties, or any combination of them, unless there is some detail I'm missing-it's kind of hard to get a complete view of her when I have to scroll so far either way to see her.
TheBullLady":17lzqrjf said:
Whooheeee! Would you check out those mountains! I can't imagine walking outside and seeing a view like that!
I'm kinda tired of lookin at mountains,cactus,palm trees and sand. Lookin forward to black earth,oak trees,green pastures and cooler temperatures. :lol:
She sure aint a very big one. What, about 850 lb'er.
She may be one of those cows that weans about 60% of her own wt.
What'd her calf wean at.
Monkeywerks, I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of resizing your photo so we can all see it better.

Sorry about that, I should have resized the picture before I posted. Thanks for doing that for me.

I kind of felt the cow was nothing more than "heinz 57" myself, although I thought it was worth the opinion of the good folks on this board.
Muldoon -- I've got one like that and wish they were all like her. Mine is about 10 years old and looks more like a heifer, but she has given me a nice calf each and every year, with a calving interval of about 11 months. She stays in good shape herself and without a doubt raises the largest calf, as a % of her own weight, of all the cows I own. And she comes real close to raising the best/biggest calf overall. Be glad you have that one, even if some "expert" comes by and scoffs at her!
She looks like a Saler or a Saler /Angus. Scull shape says so anyway.
Not yours Muldoon the other one. The Black cow.Yours looks like a red poll to me. She is probably not but that is what she looks like.
MULDOON":2h4z5tgq said:
You know , As I was doing that load of laudry , I was thinking to my self ,,,
He might be talking about that other cow??
Sorry for the misunderstanding :oops:

You do your own laundry??? I'm impressed