What is Your Favorite Breed of Cattle?

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Chars are some no staying home sogs. 😄 They are worse than deer in the ditches around here.
Guess we are just lucky with our lease bulls. While we have been working on a split to the farm(5 years going) we have had separation between our chars and neighbors black with only 2 hot wire fence. I've gotten a couple of blacks but none of the chars have ever crossed that wire
This was a POLL by Cattlemen's Beef Board:
As of today:
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Angus 22.55% FIRST
Charolais 4.9%
Gelbvieh 9.8%
Hereford 10.78% THIRD
Holstein 8.82%
Limousin 5.88%
Longhorn 6.86%
Red Angus 6.86%
Simmental 11.76% SECOND
Other 11.76%

I will update if any major changes. I don't know when the poll closes.