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Are Angus cattle ever any color but black? My husband and I disagree on this, he seems to think there can be 'brown angus', but as far as I know black is the only color in the breed (though I read that there 'may' be white on the udder). He even thinks that if people refer to "angus" instead of the complete term "black angus", that the plain 'angus' could be other colors...who is right here? Thanks...

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Angus come in two different colors red and black. Each color is considered it's own breed. Usually if I hear someone say "Angus" I just assume they mean black Angus, but you know what happens if you assume.

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The "Angus" breed comes from the old Aberdeen Angus of Scottland. The breed included Red and Black cattle. Today many countries have registries for Angus or Aberdeen Angus cattle. Many record Red and Black in one registry. The USA has a seperate Registry for Red Angus. Canada keeps both in one registry, but tracks them seperately. Many registries with both colors favor the Black. Some Angus appear to be Brown, but are actually sunburnt black. If they were clipped, or when they shed out the fresh coat is black.

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