Adding Insult to Injury

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The picture reminds me of a joke, two Montana Cowboys driving down a dirt road in an old Ford pickup and they come up on a ewe with her head stuck in the fence......

Whoops wrong thread!
Ahhhh…… line shack love. Winter is long and winter is cold but I can make it thru with ewe to hold!😂😂😂
At the risk of banishment, I was told to catch them when they're putting biscuits in the oven, they'll always try to back up not move forward.

My wife loves me. Has to, no reason to stay otherwise with the constant harassment of all kinds.
I parked a disk in the pasture one time, came home from church with the cows huddled around. A close to weaning size heifer got stuck underneath the tongue, she had to belly crawl to get there. I lifted the tongue with the backhoe, she could get out and was fine. No more equipment in the field with calves!
WTH is up with my weaners this year?! Todays' Darwin Award. And he clearly doesn't like to share the bunk. I just goosed him a couple times and that was enough for him to get out on his own adrenaline. (And that's brome butt, with a new bale out yesterday)IMG_20231109_145520059.jpgIMG_20231109_145532447.jpgIMG_20231109_145553698.jpg
I had a calf stand with all feet in the bunk once and next thing I know a cow knocked him out stone cold. He was laying in the bunk with his legs stiff as a board. I thought she killed him. He finally woke up and got out and I never saw him in it again.

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