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Hehehe. Now just want to figure out WHO is buying new tractors and how this can actually be justified. My neighbor and folks here really made a strong case for the lack of any real need -- assuming I can get someone to come cut. Nobody will cut a couple acres, which put me in a rough position this year. I suspect cutting 35 acres would be worthwhile for them, so now the problem becomes one of selling hay.
Row croppers and people who will only buy one tractor.
Don't know if it's feasible for you but...I have a small storage building behind my house...when the missus cleans out the cat litter box, I scatter the clumps around and beneath the storage building...seems to have worked so far...the mice/rats smell the predators (cats) and tend to shy away - at least that's the theory
It's a faulty theory, at least, in part - and may make matters worse.
We actually know that rats/mice infected with Toxoplasma are fatally attracted to the smell of cat urine. It's almost like that parasite 'knows' that in order to complete it's life cycle, the intermediate host (rat, mouse, etc.) must be consumed by a feline(definitive/final host).
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