Who left the gate open ?

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That reminds me of almost 20 years ago when I had sheep, I forgot to close a gate after calling the sheep up to the barn lot for the night. I came out of another barn and saw them in the back yard with the last few stragglers of sheep and lambs coming through the open gate.
Panic mode hit, and I ran back to the barn to get some feed in a bucket.
Walked toward them calling them like I always did and they all turned towards me and followed me back through.
60 some ewes, over 100 lambs.
Then there's the time we unloaded a new buck goat, and he got by me and went under the truck, down the driveway and up the road, finally cornered him in a subdivision between a boat and a garage
Yesterday while hauling animals to the sale I got the call my girls were out grazing the wheat at my lease place. CRAP.
Got cows hauled.
Went to check on cows that were out. Pulled up to the feed area and the cows were all there before I could even open the gate!

I thought for sure someone else's cows were up there grazing on the wheat so I went to look around. Sure enough. Tore up fence and plenty of evidence MY girls were there!!

They sure knew where to go when they heard my truck a coming tho.
All of ours are "bucket trained" also. Move them from pasture to another pasture, by opening a gate and calling them. I call them other times and feed a little grain along on the ground out at pasture or in troughs at other places, just to keep them coming when I call. I try to always call when they are getting a "treat" of some kind so that they want to come when I call... it has been a life saver when they have gotten out into the road or something... usually through a gate left open somewhere... but even when they have gone through a fence or something into other pastures... ours will follow back through the hole if we call with a bucket.. and yes, I give them a thank you treat for coming when called even though I might be p.o.ed that they got out to start with...

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