white/yelow discharge from eyes, white snot in nose

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May 12, 2008
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I have a heifer calf for 4-h about 650lbs, she is on basically grass hay/cornstalks and 1lb of grain/day. She appears to have white/yellow discharge from her eyes on and off, isn't there all of the time, and white thick snot discharge from her nose, also not constantly present.
-she also had a streak of fresh looking blood in her feces last week. Didn't have loose stools at that time, it was a formed pie, but seems to be pretty loose yesterday, but no blood present.

-I've read not to worry about snot unless it is white/yellow, but not sure what this may mean. Any advice?
If she's eating and drinking and acting what is normal for her, just keep an eye on her for change. Could be dust or a cold causing the eyes and nose condition. The blood in the stool could be anything from she was just iun heat and some blood from her vagina got on the pile. Or if it's piling up, she may have broken a small blood vessal passing a hard stool.
Mark, she seems to have too many symptoms just to ignore . I think I would check her temp just to be on the safe side . Let us know what you find .

I was hoping this may be the case. She seems OK, same as the last month that I've had her, but neither of the other two calves with her show any of same symptoms.

I'm more concerned about the eye discharge as it isn't something I've seen before, really thick, either very white or very yellow.

The blood was definitely not from heat, was a tad on her anus when I saw the fresh spot on the pie. I'm not too worried about this as it seems to have been a one time deal.

She does seem to be a little light in condition, doesn't have the cover on her ribs/back that the others do. I suppose I should check her temperature and see if she has an infection.

Thanks for the input.
I took a rectal temp today, 101.00, no snot or mucus today either, She was not in the cornstalks yesterday or last night, just eating brome hay and about 1.5 # of feed, stools were not loose today either.

Hopefully she is OK, thanks your your input. Look forward to using this forum more in the future.

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