Shrinking Claw in 3 year old cow

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Dec 2, 2007
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Got a three year old cow with an outside shrinking claw. It's not that the inside claw is growing faster and going "corkscrew", just that the outer is getting smaller and smaller and may also be starting to screw? Hard to say on that though. It's about half the size of inner claw - which again looks to be he same size as the other claws and seems perfectly "normal". No genetic disposition toward screw claw in the lineage nor does it look like screw claw I've seen before that seems to affect the growing claw. Cattle are entirely on pasture their whole life except for vet work then they get run through the barn. Feed is either hay or pasture. No concentrates or grain. Free choice mineral... etc....

Anyone ever seen this? I suck at pictures or I'd figure out how to post one....
Maybe puts more weight on inside claw making her inside claw compensate by growing bigger?
That is actually the way it kinda looks when she walks - thought I was imagining it. She seem slightly bow legged if you watch her from the back. But it could be my imagination. Too.
Is it only on the one foot?

I went out to check that yesterday. I thought it was one but it actually appears to be both back feet. It does kinda look like screw claw on both back outside claws. Except that the claw that's screwing isn't growing it's shrinking.

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