2 year old cow had her first calf

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🤔 Seems to be a reoccurring theme .
Everyone except the OP seems to be on the right track. If this is one of those “
Survival of the fittest, fend for themselves “ kind of herds why even bother to ask?
Funny thing is...
I never saw a question in the original post. Started to not even respond to the original "statement" 😀
The calf was born dead 1 week ago. The cow is acting a bit sick and seems depressed. She’s drinking and has been eating but I think less than normal. She at times keeps to herself. Yesterday she was in the barn alone. She’s always done that. It’s cooler in there. She’s not crazy wild but I was able to walk right up to her and she wouldn’t get up. A hour later I seen her outside with the others. Looking her usual depressed head kinda low look. I’ve wasted $ on vets before for sick animals. Never ever once have they done anything useful. It’s up to God and the animal to get better.
I’ve got cows and I’ve got goats and I’ve had animals die but I’ve never had a sick one die that I didn’t make a physical and financial effort to save.
A sick animal deserves to be treated what ever it takes to help bring it back to good health. After all this heifer probably went through hell trying to have the calf. Do what is right.

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