Cow Calf Feeding?

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QLF liquid feed and a bucket of cubes and corn on the weekend. Free choice Vitaferm mineral that they never eat, loose salt, and a mineral block.
Grass hay that came off the same field they are in. They are getting just over 30 pounds a day. I could use a few more cows out there to clean it up better. Loose minerals and a block of salt. River water and fresh air.
Feeding some 16% dairy ration with Rumensin, not so heavy, with Bermuda round bales, and Tennessee Farmers Co-op Ultimate Mineral #96613 Weaned cattle on pasture.
Two very young calves weaned, that I keep the Dairy ration in front of at all times.
Thanks for replies. Trying to figure a better way to get the herd thru winter. Been doing it with just hay and purina wind rain mineral, and purina tubs but would like to do it cheaper.