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Sep 12, 2022
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South Georgia
When we thought we were finished all except for the bull, we realize that he had open the pasture gate and let one more cow out to pasture. Him and her headed to the woods. I had an appointment at doctor that evening at 3pm and when we finished the cows it was after 1pm. No time for me to round them back up so they will get theirs next week. The only regret I have is I had enough Covexin 8 and cattlemaster gold and Once PM In to finish them up but not enough time to herd them back in. Hence that medicine once mixed had to be use when opened. So now it's to order a pneumonia vaccine, cattle master gold to finish up. I have a covexin8 on hand but it's for 10 doses. I only need two. Maybe I could by just order a pneumonia vaccine and give a blackleg shot. What would you do? They don't make single dose medicines in what I want. Pics still to come when bull gets back in corral.