white muscel disease

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You'd be suprised at what a dramatic difference a shot of selenium does for calves affected with this. We had a calf go down a couple of years ago when we were driving the herd out to the summer range. He was pretty wobbly, sort of staggered as he went. Anyway, gave him a shot of selenium, and waited. Within twenty minutes he had steadied out and trailed the rest of the way in with no problem. He came home fat and sassy in the fall.

Would be interested in hearing experiences others have had with this.

Word of caution: Be VERY careful when injecting selenium in calves. I lost three calves on branding day last year because my help wasn't paying attention. The shot was given too close to the jugular and within forty minutes of injection, the calves were dead. Apparently if you get it in the jugular, the animal will die within minutes. It was a very costly learning curve for me, and hopefully sharing the experience prevents a wreck like that for others.

Take care.
A big area of the US of A is Selenium deficient.

Cattle Annies post certainly could save readers a lot of calves and financial heartache.

Thanks Cattle Annie :) :)
Awwwwww.... shucks! :oops: Such glowing praise will make my head swell, and then I'll have to shell out money for a new hat!

A large part of Canada is selenium defecient too, LA. We put out salt blocks with selenium in them for the majority of the year, and in the third trimester the bred cows get a loose mineral & salt ration formulated for our region.

Hope it helps and you're welcome, LA!

Take care.

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