Parasite or disease?

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I have had a few through the years, not as bad as that, but lose some hair on their face. I figured maybe lice, mites, auto immune (alopecia areata) as their hair came back, Since I have kelp rubs out and delice at least annually I have not seen it much.
Yikes! Has she been wormed? I've never seen parasites, lice or ringworm to that extent. I'd suggest sending that pic to your vet. And I agree, that looks like mange.
She has been double wormed. I will show the vet.
IMO alopecia areata....They are not sure, but stress can maybe bring this on and heredity also. You see a lot of this in humans.

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All most looks photosensitive. I've seen it in horses.
What jltrent is saying looks like a possibility. Never heard of it before. very interesting.
Keep us posted.
She looks awfully thin also.
Ken, thanks for that post. Surprises me, never saw that extensive ringworm. No de-wormer will take care of that if it's ringworm - for those that don't know ringworm is a fungus not a parasite.
Never seen ringworm look like that. Doesn't even look scabby / crusty. Also I've never seen ringworm in a mature cow here. They tend to get it as calves well after weaning or as a yearling if they are going to get it here.

As for alopecia, a local vet here "suffers" from it. Doesn't even have eye lashes. Quite a strange deal.
I had a sale barn cow I bought do that every winter and grow hair back in the spring. I had her about three winters and every year she lost a little less hair.
When you say wormed two times, is that Ivermectin or Fenbendazole based worming? Ivermectin based wormers will clear up mites/mange ...the other won't.
My sister in law has alopecia and it's spotty (as in jtrent's pic) but grows back. Treatment is a topical, like Minoxidil, and time. Another girl I went to school with lost her hair completely (including eyebrows/lashes) and it never came back, going on 25 years. Maybe try Rogaine on your girl;).

Clearly, this is an extreme example, but mange has the "smooth", solid look. I've never seen it in cattle but in my neck of the woods, it's not uncommon in coyotes and occasionally deer.


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Interesting article Jl...thanks for posting it. For a variety of reasons it seems doubtful the OP's cow is suffering from Alopecia Areata. Specific additional info would be enlightening e.g. age of cow, frequency of affliction, mgt, location/environmental conditions etc.
All most looks photosensitive.
My thoughts as well.
"used black motor oil will cure any skin condition on cows or dogs"

Come on into the 21st Century, Jerry.
There's no condition in or on an animal that calls for used motor oil... and the ones we used it for, back prior to... oh, let's say... the 1960s... weren't really helped by it.
Been there, done that; know better now.
lucky, i have tried some of these new skin treatments for years til one old farmer told me about the old oil trick & in50 years i have never seen it not work. been around cattle for 70 years & made my living at it since i was 11

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