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Jan 15, 2009
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Ok heres the deal going to start raising cows. I have awalys raised steers and fed them out but want to start a small cow herd. I have a couple black cross heifers and will get a couple mixed cows. I want to AI them to a bulls that have good calving ease and will make good heifers to keep and grow my heard. So what breeds and bulls in those breeds would you guys use? I have a genex AI tech and a ABS tech. I really like the red angus cattle and have awalys had a soft spot for herefords. But I am open to all ideas. I know the sale barn wants black calves, but I want cattle that I like to look at also. Thanks for any and all help
Angus probably would be your best bet with those 2 companies, but I am quite partial to the Chi influenced cattle.

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First question I have is where do you live? If south will you need some ear in those cattle for the heat? If you are going commercial look at either red or black baldies cow should last longer lowering our replacement costs over time. The sale barns like baldies too. You might then look at finding a good terminal cross to put on those baldie females. Good luck with which ever you chose.

Both Genex and ABS do a good job in my area. If you are looking for a RA Bull to use as AI, contact me through a PM.I have a nieghbor with a new young exciting bull. I will get you to hooked up to communicate. We are going to use him on some commercial heifers this spring.

I think either of those choices is good. the Red Angus will give you some of the lowest birthweights if you choose the right bull. Plus black is dominant, so breeding him to your black heifers will probably give you about 75% black, which brings more in my area than red. Herefords are also a good choice. You can get some good hybrid vigor from the black cows, and they will produce a baldy(mostly black but some red). Herefords still do well as a cross with all other breeds to create baldies. The worst is breeding back to a hereford. There is no hybrid vigor(both the same breed), and in my area you get docked for having straightbred herefords.
S&S farms I live in northern Missouri between Chillicothe and St. Joseph. Thank you guys for your thoughts. I may go toward the black baldies as my wife likes them also. Keep the comments coming as I am new to this and welcome any ideas.
If I were starting all over again these are two questions I'd ask myself.
What breed, breed composites are most marketable in your area?
What do you and the Mrs prefer after answering that question?
I raise Angus and Sim-Angus But it would mean little to me if I had little or no marketing options and the wife and kids hated them.
Lots of nice Limi cattle in Mo. I know ABS has a few Limi bulls. There is surely few Limi breeders neer you check them out might suit you.
Keep in mind that red baldies will produce black or black baldy calves if bred to a homozygous black bull