When to start a calf on calf starter

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Jan 28, 2009
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Hi All!
Just wondering when you would start a calf on calf starter and what you look for in a calf starter. Thanks in advance.
im assuming you have a bottle calf.an if so id start him on feed at 2wks old.calf starter is usually 18% feed.
Read a study this week that suggested to make calf starter available when you start on milk replacer which is usually day 4.

A calf starter is typically a high protein high fat palatible feed that contains no NPN.
Right Knersie, I always would have calf starter available for them after they had had their 4 feedings of colostrum, it was up to them if they wanted to start munching. They got fresh dairy ration calf starter each feeding ,some would start at day 2 or 3 and some would not start 'till later like over a week or so old..
With my beef they have a creep available always during calving so it is up to them to wander over and eat.
Then you can do what Dun suggested on the other thread or you can start them on creep now it doesn't matter. If you have enough grass or hay now I would save money and wait.
The usual way is to put the creep feeder near the water, salt and mineral source where the cows will lounge around. Put the feed in and the calves will get to it when their ready. Most are nibbling at it within a month or so. Every feed store has a commercial creep feed usually pelleted and 14% protein or so. I use a custom mix so I know whats in it. Otherwise you get waste grain and screenings and who knows what?
It's a good idea to have them eating well before weaning, especially early weaning.

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