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Mar 7, 2009
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Central Texas
For those who have operated a wheel loader , the question is, how are they for digging, I know with a track loader you can dig a stock tank, but with a wheel loader will the bucket on a wheel loader lower enough so it will dig and you would be able to did a small stock tank. I have the opertunity to purchase an International 510 wheel loader for $10000 ( a low hour machine) their is a lot of clean up projects I can use it on ,but the main reason for purchasing would be the to dig out the back up area of an existing tank and carry the dirt behind the dam , If it will not dig I will look at other options, any advice would be appreciated.
You would probably be better off purchasing a backhoe/loader. The wheel loader is not going to be much of a digger. You will be able to dig, however it will be a sloped incline going down. You would probably have do dig a bigger area than you want in order to get what you need.
yes they will did the main issue is the traction they don't have enough to break thru hard ground and also most have a straight cutting edge instead of teeth on the bucket so you lose that break out power on the hard ground also
Alot of this also depends on what type of soil you have rocky clay soil they are almost useless,

sandy and loamy soil they do ok

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