what's he going to sell for?

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Nov 8, 2004
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Yearling bull... if he doesn't sell on craigslist by Tuesday he's going to the auction for slaughter. What do you think he'll bring?

It's hard to tell how big he is in the photo. If he weighs about 600 and went through the stockyard as a single here, I think he might bring $550. I had good luck at the stockyard the other day and sold a big old cull cow for $925. Felt like I won at the nickel slots.
I forgot to add the info about his weight... I think he's about 950lbs or a little over. Was about 900 per the weight tape a month or so ago. Stands about 50" or so. Kind of hard to tell looking at him since I don't have anything in the background for reference.
I really couldn't get much useful from the USDA for Idaho and the holiday made it even worse; but 125 head at 890 lbs brought $100.5 a cwt in Billings Montana on video marketing (whatever that is worth!).
http://marketnews.usda.gov/gear/browseb ... _LS752.TXT
Figure he is a little heavier than that (920 lbs?) and an 8 cent dock for the nuts ($.925) and I come up with a (completely) wild guess of $851 before commission, insurance, beef checkoff, and other costs and fees. If somebody offers you $800 CASH I would hedge my bets and take it. IF he sells with the bologna bulls, he will bring less.

Somebody else with more knowledge of your stockyard can make a MUCH MUCH better guess.

Edited to say...I guessed that before the weight was posted.
Here's the local auction reports:

June 25
Comments: Feeders
steady, butcher cows $3-4
Hvy fdr strs $85-104
Lt fdr strs $99-115
Stocker strs $110-120
Hvy hlstn fdr strs $62-67
Sl bulls $57-66

Idaho Falls
July 1, 2009
Comments: All classes 1-2
Killing cows and bulls
Bulls $55-63
Fdg & cutting bulls $55-75
950 lbs and up N/T
800-900 lbs $88-93
700-800 lbs $90-103
Holstein steers
700-1000 lbs $48-60

June 26, 2009
Cow trend: 4 better
Bull trend: steady
SL Bulls $58-66
Fdr cattle trend: steady
700-800 lbs $88-100
800-900 lbs $80-84

So that's what the animals in my area are going for. Where do y'all think he's going to fit in?
Your problem is the nuts. If he were a big steer, he would bring ~$.90 according to your numbers specifically the ones from Burley: "Hvy fdr strs $85-104". The problem is will the order buyers for the big steers buy him, cut him, and add him to their load or will they take a pass and in which case he sells with the bologna bulls for ~$.69, "Sl bulls $57-66". I have never been to Idaho to know how things work out there; but I HIGHLY suspect by looking at him, that he leaves out on the truck for the feedlot with those similarly sized steers, I just don't know if they are going to pay you that way though.
Number 2 muscle small-large frame, balck, bull. Swag of $85 cwt.
If he sells as a bull someone isn;t looking to make an inprovement in the muscle department of their herd. If you hadn;t posted that he was a bull I would have thought he was an "OK" steer.
Prices down in your area are running about what they are up here.
You could run him through a processor and sell the ground beef to family and friends....just looking, he should yield about 300-350 pounds of burger plus some tenderloin, T-bone and rib steak.
We get $5.00/lb for our burger....could make a few $$$. Some extra work but worth it if you have customers.
Dave Mc
He's a dairy cross bull that will sell for kill. Low bull price because he's small. .65 maybe .70 a pound.
He's actually 3/4 Holstein (buyers don't need to know that) but fairly wide (ie doesn't look that heavily dairy influenced), I've had him running with my heifers and they came up open, and then he failed a semen check (RBC & WBCs in the semen, I don't know or care why, he's getting his head cut off). In other words I intend have the auction folks make a note that he's a non-breeder.

No calls on freezer beef so far... if he goes to the auction I'll post how he sells.
tncattle":sy71c5dq said:
$739.03---thats my guess. What do I win if I'm right or nearest? :D

Just bragging rights. :p I figure the ability to guess weight and price based on an online picture is worth quite a bit of bragging rights. ;-)
930lbs after an hour trailer ride, 54 cents per pound. Not quite as good as I'd hoped. :(
milkmaid":1w1b6ug3 said:
930lbs after an hour trailer ride, 54 cents per pound. Not quite as good as I'd hoped. :(

Ouch, that is low ,even if he was intact because he was only a yearling. Even if they knew he was a dairy cross he should have brought at least 65 cents a pound minimum. Prices must be down all over in your area MM ,I doubt it was just your yearling bull.
I know.... I didn't stay to watch him sell, but I wonder if perhaps he was injured on his way to the sale ring. Even boss's 1500lb bull (I took him too) brought 50 cents a pound.
milkmaid":23sv1bfb said:
I know.... I didn't stay to watch him sell, but I wonder if perhaps he was injured on his way to the sale ring. Even boss's 1500lb bull (I took him too) brought 50 cents a pound.
I doubt he was hurt
The reason he brought .54 he was a 900lb bull and he isn't ready for slaughter like the 1500lb bull who can go straight to the baloney plant and he isn't good enough for a breeder and the feedlots don't want to buy bulls unless they can fit him in with a like group

we can think of all kinds of reasons but the main one is
he was a single 900lb bull that probably didn't match much else in the barn if you would have had 10 of them they would have probably brought more $$$
He will go for kill, no feeder is going to put anything into him. You got about kill cow price for a fleshy cow and that's where hes headed, to kill with the cows. Boned and boxed 90 % lean. 1500 pounds is also small for kill bulls. For the top prices [60's] you need a fleshy high yield bull around that ton weight.

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