What time do you milk?

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Oct 20, 2008
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For those of you who milk, I am curious to know what time you do. I always read that a twelve hour interval is best if you are milking 2x, and I plan on milking at 5/5 when I have my own dairy herd. At the farm where I work we milk at 4:30/3. It used to be 3:30/3, but they moved AM milking back an hour because it is so dark in the morning now that its winter.
That's one of those questions with a different answer for each dairy. When I was doing the DHIA testing I had 13 dairys on my route and each of them milked at a different time. Most adhered to pretty much a 12 hour schedule but some did 11 and 13 hours. The most extremes for start times I ran in to was 2 am and 1 pm, another milked 10 am and 10 pm.
Most started around 4-5 am and 3 - 6 pm
we used to milk on the 10 13 run.wich was 6am an 4pm.that way we could lock the cows in the drippshed before dark.
i had a neighbor when I was a kid that milked at 6a.m. 2p.m and 10p.m. he said his production increased by 10% and he fed the same amount his wife milked at 6 he milked at 2 and at 10 and it worked great for him when he started that was over 30yrs ago and everyone thought he was nuts
When the clocks change for DST do you still milk at the same time by the clock?
When we had our 1 dairy cow, it was about 7 am, 9pm in the summer, and the night time milking would get earlier to maybe 5 in the wintertime... we did what we could to have a routine, but with one cow it's not your livelyhood...

if you saw the video of "how it's made - Milk".. the cow just walks in when she wants to be milked.. i'd be curious as to how much milk those cows produce, and how many time they feel they should go get milked, as well as if all cows have a preference as to what time it is

I know just watching our calves, they all give each other the idea it's lunchtime, and our front yard smells like a dairy for a half an hour
dun":22bo2udw said:
When the clocks change for DST do you still milk at the same time by the clock?

Spanish boys did our milking. No way in the world could I ever explain DST to them. We milked three times a day at 4 am, 12 noon and 8 pm.
We milked 6 am and 5 pm. When we tried the three times a day milking it was exactly 8 hour increments. That didn't last long ,way to much work for 2 people to do and milk production didn't change enough to make it profitable to hire someone to help milk.

When the clocks changed we would adjust 15 minutes later/earlier per milking until we were back on schedule.
we milk at 6am and 5pm, we used to milk at 6:30 and 4:30 but switched to allow a little more time between day milking
On my uncle's farm back in the 60's and 70's we milked at 6am and 5 pm, but during haying or other busy times the night milking was sometimes pushed back an hour or two. There was a guy down the road that milked at 10 and 10, but most were pretty close to our times.
5am(finished by 6-6:30am) & 3pm(finished by 4:30pm) this way I get finished up milking before dark & if something should go wrong still have plenty of daylight left to fix or if its a nice evening head home & either fire up the barby or head off to the beach.
Well I don't own or work on a dairy but I pretty regularly drink a glass of milk around 7 am and 8 pm. :D
tncattle":32c4hclu said:
Well I don't own or work on a dairy but I pretty regularly drink a glass of milk around 7 am and 8 pm. :D


When we were kids, my mum used to give us a glass of milk with breakfast, a glass of milk when we got home from school and a glass of milk before bed.

20 years later and I've never been able to kick that habit :D

I love my milk!

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