What is this wild fruit tree North GA?

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Sep 19, 2004
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I have slowed down alot and trying to explore some more. What tree produced this fruit in North Ga? Sorry for the poor quality.




It is a wild persimmon. Pure pucker power if you chomp one that is not fully ripe.


Weather prediction folklore
It is said that one can predict the winter by taking the seeds out of some persimmons and then slicing the seeds. The shape that shows up the most inside each seed will indicate what kind of winter to expect. The three shapes resemble three eating utensils.
A Knife shape means there will be a cold icy winter (as in the wind will slice through you like a knife).
A Spoon shape means there will be plenty of snow for to shovel.
A Fork shape means there will be a mild winter.

Thanks. That's what I was thinking. They are edible?
I tried some today they are close to being ripe but not quite trees are loaded this yr
I cut 3 seeds and all 3 of them had spoons in them so I hope they are wrong

a few yrs ago I cut a green one and acted like I was tasting it and handed the other half to the wife and she licked it, I think that is the closest she has ever came to killing me :lol: :lol:
we have many around here in florida. It is common here to graft Japanese persimmon to the wild stock for big tasty ones. Deer sure love the wild ones
There was a factory near here in the eighties and early nineties that made golf clubs out of persimmon. They were giving high dollar for the logs and they got really scarce in just a short time. They are just now making a comeback.
My folks had one little bitty tree but it put on like crazy every year. Mom never used them, but we had relatives that would come and get them. Makes great bread and other stuff. I never cared for them off the tree. I don't like eating stuff that's almost rotten by the time it's ripe.

When we were kids, the brown ones were good to blow up with fire crackers. Just make sure you get behind something, though, cause rotten fruit would blast everywhere.

When I was a kid, there were two mean little boys that used to walk home down our road. They stopped one day and one of them said that he was going to take the apples off that tree...

I tried to tell him they weren't apples.

Yep, him and his brother got a couple and chomped into them.

They never tried that again...
Quintonhall":4pq8po2h said:
we have many around here in florida. It is common here to graft Japanese persimmon to the wild stock for big tasty ones. Deer sure love the wild ones

Millions of coons and possums can't all be wrong either. :lol:
I have one in a pasture by my house. The cattle all know were it is as they love them too. Similarly an old pear tree that still bears fruit. I don't know how they know when to go check it but if you let cows into that field in the fall they run to the pear tree.

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