Fruit trees

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Mr. Chevy,
7a doesn't tell us much; it's not a location... there's a lot of 7a... Z7 VA/NC/TN is different from Z7 TX/OK, is different from Z7CA/WA/OR

Apples & stonefruits are gonna necessitate a significant amount of spraying in most of the eastern US if you want anything approaching 'perfect' fruit. Early-season apples, , may produce some decent fruit with no spray, but later ripening varieties are gonna be buggy as all get-out. The only stonefruits that are no-spray here are sour/pie cherries and native Chickasaw plums (though I do lose some fruits to plum curculio or brown rot) .

Blueberries(rabbiteyes would be my pick for a z7 site) will require very little care, pears - Euro and Asian, are no-spray here and produce almost perfect fruit. Persimmons are low-care, no spray, as are mulberries. Blackberries have been mostly bomb-proof, but with the arrival of Spotted-Wing Drosophila fruit flies, all but the earliest varieties are affected.
Pawpaws are no-spray, but folks either love them or find them disgustingly insipid... and recent concerns have arisen with regard to annonaceous acetogenins in pawpaw fruit contributing to atypical Parkinson's-like neurodegeneration.

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