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What type of pipe are you planning to utilize? We just finished a well last week and should have a pond completed in august to catch the fall rains to fill but want to do some water transfer to a couple more paddocks in order to stockpile for winter
plan calls for 1.25 inch PE pipe
I have a couple systems that NRCS helped with. Both have a storage tank and the water gravity flows from storage tank to the water system. I have enough storage for about 4-5 days of power being off, well pump problem or whatever. With a pump system within an hour of a problem the cattle have no water.
is the storage tank above ground...would it freeze in winter?
I slept on this overnight. As I said, this is what I do.

Let me propose a third option. It's sort of a hybrid between the two designs. Begin with the initial line running from the source to the trough that is located to the 'SE', as both initial designs show. From there, run a line to the 'SW' trough and a line to the 'NE' trough. Then, make a determination as to weather you want to run a line from the 'SW' trough to the 'NW' trough or run a line from the 'NE' trough to the 'NW' trough. Depending on which option you chose here, have the main line from the source split/make a 'T' to either side of the 'SE' trough so that each branch of the 'T' only feeds two of the four troughs. This will decrease the dependence of all four troughs on a single line and still allow you to make straight runs from one trough to another.
very nice! i like this a lot and is the best of both worlds thanks a bunch
is the storage tank above ground...would it freeze in winter?
No the top is level with the ground. No freezing in my area.

Will add more now that i have time. Since its buried about 4 ft, the ground is a great insulator. Plus mine is on a timer and pumps water for 12 minutes into the storage tank several times a day so it is adding warmer water all the time. Rarely does the ground freeze over a couple inches here so not a concern of freezing even if its not pumping.
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