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Stocker Steve

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
Watched some herd mate angus heifer calves sell. The $W epd values were pretty consistent. A few were a bit higher, $10 at most, and the price on these heifers jumped $700 to $800. Does this make economic sense, or are some folks just focused on buying the "best" ?
I wish I could find good heifers for less then a $ a pound. They have got high here
That seems like a big jump for just 10 $w though it depends where in the scale, where that base price was, what the other epds were, whether they were 50k tested(makes the epds somewhat more reliable), etc.

For instance BW plays into the %w and often have more effect on price than it probably should. Also, we're the other dollar indexes similar on these animals?

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