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Re: Calf deaths under my earlier post. Could you tell me your opinion. I tend to lean towards White Muscle disease also. My Dad called his vet armed with the stuff from the internet and the vet still says it is coccocidius. Though only 1 calf had symptoms like coccocidius. The other 5 had totally differant symptoms ( paralayzed etc ) Would just like to get your opinion Thanks to all that have helped

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Ok....calves go down suddenly, seem paralysed on the hind thinks it's coccidia? Some questions first. Where are you located? What feed are these animals on? What vaccines are they given? Any specific breed?

My first thought is that coccidia can drop them, but they're either dead or walking in a few days. White muscle (selenium deficiency) sounds much more likely, but it could also be something like Haemophilus somnus which can paralyse them, ITEME, even thiamin deficiency, so please give me some more details. Then I'll try to help! Oh--one more question--how many calves are there on average out of how many cows, and how many get affected?
>Thank you so much for the response. They are located in the western part of Washington State. Through the summer they are strictly on grass and in the winter they get alfalfa. They are Beef cows. There are 17 cows and 11 calves. ( in 72 acres ) 2 last year were affected by this and 2 the year before though we believe the 1 that survived last year Did have coccidious. He did not have the same symptoms as the others. He did not go down, but had diarreha. He was treated for coccidious and go better. This calf now has been down since Thanksgiving week-end and does not appear to still have use of his legs. My parents have rigged a sling to raise and lower her and they massage her legs a couple times a day. She is content and loves to eat. She is getting alfalfa and grain right now. I wondered about the Hemophelius. Thanks in advance for all your help

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Is she febrile? (running a fever?)Is she moving her back legs? Any other details?

There are mineral deficiencies which could be doing this, but H. somnus is still on the list of rule-outs. Any animal who has been down for over a month is unlikely to get up again. If she's in any pain, consider euthanizing her. Any questions, just ask. And sorry for taking so long, it's been a busy week!

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