How soon can I butcher a steer after ACE?

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Oct 1, 2023
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Eastern Washington
I recently had a steer that wouldn't cooperate when moving from pastures. Anyhow I had a cowboy come out and giver him 4shots of Ace( didn't help) to calm him down, Roped him and brought him over to home base. I was wondering how long do I have to wait before I can butcher that thing? I want to butcher him early Jan
Since you have little idea exactly how much was given and it was given outside the letter of the laws governing its use, I would hold on to him a good deal longer than seven days. By January you will most likely be fine but due to the first sentence you will not find a vet that can give you a set answer.
Is there any type of tranquilizer that can be used and the animal can be harvested afterward? Like to get him on a trailer?

Asking for a had a jumper! 1500lbs over 6 ft from a stand still from in the shoot.... sorry chute. ( pun intended )

.........think in about a winter bull hunt.

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