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I have a 6 month old calf (Dexter). She is the first cow I have ever owned. The breeder I bought her from gave her Triangle 9 and I have given her Ivermax for worms/parasites. What other vaccinations should I give her, if any? Also, I do give her electrolites every few weeks. Thanks for your help. Kerry

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Dexters are still bovines and practices should be same as with most other cattle breeds. Check with your Vet about recommendations on vaccinations for your area--other breeders/ranchers may or may not adher to a total vaccination & de-worming program.

My guess is that the only time electrolytes would be used would be in case of dehydration, not as a routine treatment. As long as calf is drinking adequate clean water, they shouldn't become dehydrated (unless they have bad case of scours).

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