Uruguayan Angus

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Willow Springs

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Nov 19, 2008
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North of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
I went to the World Angus Forum this week to have a look around. There was an International embryos display. Basically they implanted embryos from around the world a couple years ago so that they had cattle represented from all over the world at the forum. The cattle were about 13 months old at the show.

Lorenzo is always posting some very good pictures of the cattle from his country on this site so I thought I would give a report on what I saw. From my point of view the cattle (Black and Red Angus) were very correct in their structure. They were definitely much smaller framed than the other embryo cattle there and most of the cattle displayed in the barn. They were deep bodied, had nice muscle patterns and were carrying a nice amount of flesh. They would definitely work in a forage based or grass finished operation. The cattle from some of the other countries were definitely larger but because of that were much thinner; especially the cattle from the UK. They were huge and reminded me of what we used to breed for in the 80's. I especailly liked the Red Angus Bull 351U; do you know the program that he is from Lorenzo?. The only thing I would really fault the Uruguayan cattle on (some might think they are too small framed) was the testicular size on the bulls. They seemed a little small by NA standards.

Here's a link to some pictures, pedigrees and weights of the cattle. The pictures are very deceiving. There were huge differences in frame score.
Hi, some friends of mine went there, it must been great to see all the different animals.
I am not sure, but must belong to a woman I know very well, a great woman, Princess Laetita D'aremberg. I think some red genetics embryos from her went there.

But I will ask her to be sure.

That must have been cool to see, the pictures sure are. There are a lot of differences and it is quite interesting. Certainly some good animals.
I really like the 337 heifer from Brazil. If you look up the sire and dam youwill see why she is so sweet.
Below is a video of the Red Angus Show Champions from the World Angus Forum. I will have a black video up soon.
The video was fun. I have seen the champion bull a couple times (he is good!!!) and know several in the video. Thanks for posting.
Here are the videos from the Black Angus Show.