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Jun 2, 2012
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Folks, we are coming into a time where we "expect" prices to be 50-100% higher than normal. What are you going to do with that bonus money? Don't buy a new tractor or pickup! 1) pay down the debt on your operation. 2) invest in your pastures. Apply lime, P and K to SOIL TEST RECOMMENDATIONS, plant legumes, improve subdivision fencing and water reticulation. Set yourself up to weather the downhill side that's coming right after these glory days, if they get here!
Next project is a central shelter for the calving pastures. Planning on 96'x96' and 10' tall windbreak walls with 60' of shed for calves. It needs to be able to serve 60 pairs for a 3-day+ blizzard. Then find a 80-100 hp FWD loader tractor with a cab, but that is more of a matter of being ready to pounce when the opportunity presents itself.
I'm spending half my windfall on gambling, liquor and whores.
A neighbor told me about another bachelor neighbor back in the day. He would sell a car (rail car) load of fat cattle at the Chicago Stockyards every year. When he picked up his check he would tell them he wanted payed in cash for one str and a check for the rest. Then he would go back to the hotel, get cleaned up and go hit the whore house. He would stay a couple days drinking and whoring until the cash was gone.

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