Replacement Heifer Prices

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Well around here the yard had a few hundred red and black baldy bred heifers, all generic with no pedigree mentioned, prices were from $2500-3000 for the majority of them.
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At current prices, 4 calves at 1500 equals 6000 in revenue less your variable costs and it certainly is possible to make money on the right kind of bred heifer.

I've been buying good colored feeder steers for $1,000 - $1,450 this fall
so, you can't tell me everyone is getting $1,500 a calf.
I never said everyone is getting 1500 a calf, but in this country if you wont give 1500 a calf you aren't buying nothing but some scrubs. The good 5 cwt and 6 cwt calves are bringing from 1500 up to over 1700. But don't believe me, check Ft Pierre livestock, hub city livestock or mobridge livestock auction sale reports.

Central Livestock Albany Mn
November 12, 2014
sold 125 head of colored feeder steers weighing between 495# - 615#
the top 13 steers out of the 125 hd averaged 543# 2.90 lb $1575 hd
the top 100 steers out of the 125 hd averaged 549# 249.55 $1370 hd

Plug in whatever numbers are right for your operation.
But 80-85% of the producers in Minnesota using 1500 per calf would only be fooling themselves.
Warren Buffet's advice "Purchase price is what you pay, the purchase value is what you receive.
If the purchased value does not project to return 10% per year walk away and seek a different investment."
But, you said yourself these are colored feeder steers. What are the top blacks worth. Remember, these colored ones if lower quality, will be worth less after backgrounding also. I've seen lots of lots that would average less than that. Doesn't mean I would like to own them. Have also seen packages of 125 steers that are all the top end. They all bring 1575. MO gs
I just bought this heifer on Sunday for $1900.00. They delivered her 180 miles. She weighs 900-950#. She's 1/4 Salers 3/4 Black Angus. Gentle as a heel hound. If I had won the lottery. LOL. I'd like to have a whole trailer load just like her. Pic was taken right after I Tagged, Patched and Luted her. B&G

This pic was right after she was unloaded.
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3way and all, Here's the bull I was thinking bout A.I. ing her to. As I already have him in my tank. B&G ... 4cedar.jpg
Cole Creek Cedar Ridge V1 Reg. # 16134394
Good Choice, a Very Good calving ease bull 13 ce -.5 bw .92 acc and in your tank, looks like a no brainer to me.

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