twin heifer

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tracy":hqapxibd said:
i have just purchased a angus cross heifer,which was a twin,i have been told she will be infertile,is this correct or a old wives tale. the other calf was a bull. :?:

There si a better then 90% probability that she is a freemartin, i.e. sterile

I have a 99 model cow that was a twin to a bull. She is on her 3rd calf. Gooduns too!
tracy":en5pw82n said:
:D thanks for help i guess we will try to breed with her,if nothing happens iam sure she will taste good on the plate :p

Why waste a years feed? The test from UC Davis will let you know within a couple of weeks cost with the sample being taken by a vet, shipping and the cost is only around 50-60 bucks


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