Treatment of Internal Parasites

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Feb 6, 2004
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Clinton, SC
I recently lost a cow due to worms after treatment by my vet with all the vital fluids, dextrose, IV etc. administered. It died

I know have another cow with worms which was treated by the vet on Wednesday. He advised me to lift the cow up if the cow did not get up on its own. I have gotten the cow up, fed with hay, water,liquid feed and sweet feed. The cow has gone down again and I am wondering if their is anything else I should do.

Please help
Ok, either your cows have been annihilated by worms or you really let them get thin and run down. Which is it? The former can leave some permanent damage ie to the liver with flukes, etc, the latter will recover IF you can get her energy up.

Talk to your vet!!
My experience in this area is pretty much anecdotal, but IMHO the cows in question are possibly too far gone to expect much in the way of recovery despite the efforts of you and your vet. If they are so weak that they are essentially downers due to worms and other internal parasites, and NOW you try to de-worm them, they are not likely to do much but lay there, act lethargic and eventually their neck & head will be flat on the ground, labored breathing, etc. and then die. But it doesn't cost much to give it a try. The same thing happened with one of my young cows years ago, a pretty wild one that we could never get to come into the trap and pens, so we couldn't worm her --- a pitiful sight that I'm thankful has not repeated itself on my place, but I've seen it on others' cattle. Also, many people have told me that even if you have one that is still standing, but whose system is very compromised by worms & parasites, and then you shoot it up with Ivomec the Ivomec "knocks them on their ass" instead of having the effect you were hoping for. You just need to do preventive maintenance and de-worm your cattle at least twice a year; for some southern coastal areas they recommend three times per year. Just try to make sure they never get even close to the "point of no return". If your cattle have liver flukes you need to use IvomecPlus or Valbazen, since. Regular Ivomec, Safeguard, Dectomax, Cydectin, etc. will not kill flukes. Sorry for being so long winded. Arnold Ziffle
:) Thanks for your kind responses.

My cow is now up after feeding her molassis, hay and sweet feed then lifting her with a cattle hoist. Still weak but appears much stronger.