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In my area they are a Hereford/Brahman/?? cross. The ?? will often affect the color. But the Brahman influence is obvious in the larger ears and leather; Hereford gives you the distinctive white face.

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quit calling them brindle and start calling them tigerstripe? I must be way out of touch.

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> What breed are the tigerstripe
> herds. Mostly red, black, with
> some lighter colors. They appear
> to have some Brahman, but what
> else?
I think "they" have always called their Brahma hereford cross cows Tigerstripes. I remember watching US cattle auctions on satelite years ago and being surprised at the label. We never had any striped cattle up here until we started crossing with Brown Swiss and we named them brindle. Now a person hardly ever sees a brindle anymore.

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> I our area we have always called them "tigerstripes". I have heard they make very good mommas, but I have always like a cow with a "little ear" to them.

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