Some Pics of Green Grass & Happy Cows

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Love that Brahma influence!

How's mama cow that adopted the calf last year? Is that her in the 2nd post, 1st pic?
She actually adopted the calf 2 years ago. Then she had a heifer calf last summer with beefcake. We still have all 3 of those heifers but the charolais cross may sell, not liking she is filling out.
Her Angel is with her calf bought as a pair 2 years ago for $900. Expecting both to have a calf some time in the next few months.
Here is Queen Ranch, adopted calf, and Lil Patty, born last summer.

Nice cattle, you leaving the bull calves intact for a reason?
No reason other than have not got around to it. We do not band until we work them. Be next month when we work everything most likely.

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