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Jun 14, 2013
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North Texas
It has been relatively dry here for the past 6 weeks or so. We got no substantial rain in February, but we have been blessed to get an inch of rain this week with more in the forecast for Sunday. The grass was starting to green up, but was not very tall. It should really start growing here in the next handful of weeks. Calving season started for us on February 24th this year, even though the first calf was not officially due till March 3rd. So far, we have 10 bull calves and 7 heifer calves on the ground with 11 more to go. Three of the bull calves and two of the heifers are AI sired and the remainder are sired by our herd bull, BB Uncle Tony. I thought that I would share some photos of the first calves of the year for us.
701 Bull- Pictured here at 18 days of age. He was 80 lbs at birth and is sired by BB Uncle Tony.

704 Heifer- Pictured here at 13 days of age. She was 84 lbs at birth and is sired by Balmoral Elation, an Australian bull that was born in the late 1970s. This heifer's mother is a full sibling to our herd bull, BB Uncle Tony, and comes from a line of very productive cows. I am excited to see how she grows out. She is quite docile and is already coming up to me in the pasture and allows me to scratch her behind the ears.

707 Bull- This bull calf is pictured at 17 days of age. He too is sired by Tony and was 78 lbs at birth. His dam is a 9 year old cow who has produced some great calves in the past. I am really excited to see how he grows out.

708 Heifer- This heifer is just 8 days old. She is out of our biggest cow who consistently throws heavier calves. This is another Tony calf, but she was 100 lbs at birth at 288 days gestation. Last year, when bred to a different bull, her mother had a 98 lb heifer. I really like the femininity and thickness that this heifer is already showing.

709 Bull- This bull is another calf sired by Balmoral Elation. He was 82 lbs at birth, and is already growing faster than the other calves. He is pictured here at 17 days of age.

710 Heifer- This heifer is a daughter of Tony, pictured at 5 days of age. She had a 68 lb birth weight and is out of an 11 year old cow. We have retained both of her full siblings from the past two years, one of which, will be our heifer bull and potential herd sire.

And for reference, Balmoral Elation and BB Uncle Tony are show below. Balmoral Elation is the top bull and is pictured at 3 years of age, weighing in at 2,660 lbs. Tony is the second bull and is pictured as a 4 year old. This photo was taken last May.

Nice calves. It's always a nice treat to see calves where you can just look at their head and know if it's a heifer or a bull, a sign of good hormonal balance, even at a young age.

What is the FS on Elation? He looks like a gigantic bull...
WalnutCrest":1uu7izho said:
Nice calves. It's always a nice treat to see calves where you can just look at their head and know if it's a heifer or a bull, a sign of good hormonal balance, even at a young age.

What is the FS on Elation? He looks like a gigantic bull...

I appreciate the feedback everybody! Balmoral Elation is a frame score 8. He is a larger bull than we would like, but he goes back to some of the best Murray Grey bulls of his time and he has had a tremendous impact on our herd. Most of our cows go back to him at least 3 or 4 times; even though he is often 6 or more generations back, he makes up around 20% of the genetic composition of many individuals in our herd. He was born in the late 1970s and was later imported to Texas. He was at one point used by the Michaelong Murray Grey stud, owned by the Sutherlands, the founding family of the breed. Elation came highly recommended from an Australian Murray Grey breeder that I keep in touch with. So far, I am really liking his daughter; she seems to get deeper and wider every day. His bull calves do not look as good as Tony's currently, but that may change with time.
frieghttrain":algnq8bi said:
They look really nice! Has that Golden boy heifer calved yet?

The Golden Boy heifer just turned two last month, and she is still one of the nicest of that age group. She is currently bred to Tony and is due to calve in late September or early October.
I was able to get a handful of pictures the past couple days of a few more of the calves, so I thought that I would update this thread.
This was our first calf of the year. She was born two weeks before her due date and weighed 62 lbs at birth. She is an AI sired calf and out of a bull named JOPA Elation Power. She is pictured here at 6 weeks of age. Her sire, JOPA Elation Power, is pictured below as a 3 year old. A lot of our herd goes back to him.


This is a bull calf that just turned a month old when this photo was taken. He was 76 lbs at birth and is sired by our herd bull, BB Uncle Tony. His dam is a 6 year old cow that is very easy keeping.

This bull calf is another Tony son, pictured at 27 days of age. He had a 72 lb birth weight. His dam is a 4 year old who has a lot of width to her and a great udder.

This is a heifer calf sired by Tony. She is pictured here at 5 days of age and had a 74 lb birth weight. Her dam is a 8 year old who has produced some really nice bulls in the past. Her bull calf last year was one of the heaviest calves.

I think that this bull calf may have what it takes to be a bull prospect. He is pictured here at just 14 days of age. His sire is Tony and his dam is a 4 1/2 year old cow who is very easy keeping and has a great udder. This bull calf already has a lot of width to him. His birth weight was 86 lbs.

This photo shows a 7 year old cow with her 10 day old Tony daughter. This heifer was 78 lbs at birth. This cow is the grandmother of the 715 bull pictured above.

That's all the pictures for now. We still have a handful of cows left to calve. We had a few that did not take by AI last year, but they should be calving in the next two weeks or so.
Good to catch up with your new calves BB! Haven't been here for awhile.

Those Balmoral Elation calves look very stylish. I remember when B.Elation was around in the 1980's over in Oz. He was a controversial bull as he was quite a freakish size in those days! We have some of his blood hiding back a few generations in our herd. I look forward to seeing how they grow out.

How are the Wallawong Under the Radar progeny doing?
Waihou- It is great to see you on the boards again! We currently have 4 Balmoral Elation calves, 3 bulls and a heifer. Two of the bulls will most likely be castrated and put into our beef program. However, the other bull (709) and the heifer calf (704) are turning into some really solid individuals. I have heard from an Australian breeder that has used him that his heifers are really nice, but his bulls can be hit and miss. We actually used some sexed semen, and the best two Balmoral Elation calves are from the cows that we used sexed semen on, but got a calf of the opposite gender. Looking at the calves, I am glad that it worked out that way.

Our Under the Radar bull looked really good at weaning, but went through an awkward phase this past winter and he has never quite grown out of it. He has a lot of length, but is not as deep bodied as we would like him to be. Our other yearlings are starting to really broaden more and look like bulls, but our Under the Radar bull has yet to do so. We will probably be castrating him in the next 3 weeks. Even though this bull will be beef, I really like your Radar progeny and the Wozny's Radar calves up in Ohio, so we will be experimenting with him a bit more in the future.

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