Murray Grey Embryos

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Dec 13, 2018
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Eagle Point, OR
Well I haven't been on here in a while but I wanted to share some pictures sent to me from an embryo customer in Hawaii. These are the first purebred Murray Grey calves to hit Maui in about 40 years. There were 11 Murray Grey embyros put into this herd last fall with this customers first embryo transfers.

12 year old JB Xclusive Monique (JB Monique Marie x Eagle Rock Sensation), flush sire Willalooka Pharaoh P47
8 year old LGR Crystal Blu (JB Y-Easter x The Glen Manuel), flush sire Coronation Snowman 51M
3 year old Two Byrds Harmony Monique (JB Xclusive Monique x HA McKinley), flush sired Cadella Park Golden Boy


I look forward to getting more pictures and I may have to see if my tax guy can justify me making a trip to see them in person next year. Fingers crossed.
1689256799274.jpegGolden Boy
1689256786272.jpeg JB Xclusive
1689256886082.jpegLGR Crystal
Good looking cattle. What do embryos cost?
I sold these in a bulk price at $450 each for conventional IVF but I also paid half the shipping to get it to him.

This year I'm selling $500 each for conventional IVF, $600 for IVF reverse sorted sexed heifer and $1000 each for imported conventional.
I'll still sell them to him in bulk if he buys that many again, but this has been very good developing business for my herd. And so far we have had all happy repeat buyers on those that have put embryos in.

My target goal is to pay for all expenses with the embryos that I sell and retain a few that will basically be in my tank with no out of pocket cost.

I've had two AMGA board members that refer to me as a progressive breeder. I use the best bull to compliment the cow and don't chase fads. Utilizing heavily proven sires like Golden Boy (1974), Snowman (1980) and Pharaoh (1994) gives MG breeders more confidence in the maternal program that we are developing. I intend to utilize a couple newer imported sires this year and next to provide some genetic diversity.

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