Aussie Import Murray Greys

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Dec 13, 2018
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Eagle Point, OR
Well, after 4 months of jumping through hoops we finally have the shipment of new Murray Grey genetics on US soil.
With this shipment I pushed for diverse genetics and we nailed it. Of course it didn't get here in time for this breeding season but I look forward to using these bulls in the future.

5 bull that I am pleased to say that I had a major part in bringing here (and hope to do some other genetic imports in the future):

Woodbourn Warrior A69 (very limited stock so we did not offer this for sale to others)
Ganado Lionel MVA L4 (100 straws imported)
Tarlina Coomunga C57 (100 straws imported)
Bundaleer Daddy Cool D74 (100 straws imported- this is the second import of this bull)
Nangara Quarterback Q1 (460 straws imported- this is all remaining export collected semen of this bull)



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I really liked Warrior. Split that with the other person who helped get the ball rolling on this shipment. I intend to make some embryos since there were so few straws of that.

We've got a yearling heifer sired by Newhaven Park Pericles that is in your pocket. She comes running when I whistle. Makes the whole herd come running and changing pastures easier. Also increased frame/growth which was sorely needed from the dam side. I'm hoping Warrior is the same way.

The Quarterback bull was the other one I got really excited about. Shorter gestation bull (and lower BW) but the growth and phenotype is still spot on. He will be a huge asset for heifer breeding without loosing carcass traits.
Warrior looks to me to be the phenotype choice. Smooth top, long hip, shoulders tie in nicely and really good running gear. I didn't look at the EBVs.

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