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Sep 16, 2015
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Phone rung one night while watching TV. I answered and it was a guy about 45 miles from me that said he saw a comment on market place where I was buying calves. I said yes, if they were what I wanted, what breed and what sex and weight. He said they were angus/sim cross, females and were solid black. He went on to say one was about 335-350 pounds and the other slightly larger was about 400-425 pounds. I ask how much $$ and he replied, I'll take $1000 for both. I said how old did you say they were and he said 7-8-1/2 months old. I talk him long enough to I felt comfortable with it, so I bought the pair sight unseen. He said he would not post them for sale and they were mind. I said if they are what you say they are, then no problem. I also told him me and the wife had doctor appointments the next two days and I would pick up Saturday morning. I got there Saturday morning, he had them penned and loaded on trailer easier than ever. I brought them home and put them in an empty pasture with a catch pen and chute with head gate. I kept them coraled for a day or two then to a small connecting pasture. Started feeding a little cotton seed and cow feed mix and minerals. After 3 weeks now they have put on more than 50 pounds each. The day I loaded them (Saturday) I could have carried them on to sale that coming Tuesday and they would have brought easy $2100-$2350 my take at the sale. I wrestle with that thought until Tuesday morning and decided to keep as replacement heifers (November) this year they will be old enoug for bull pen (16 months) I will move them probably around first of November into large pastures. Right or wrong that's my plan, it was a tough decision but I have a couple of cows I need to change my genetics on to improve my herd. Comments appreciated as usual.
PS- don't think I'm crazy for committing to sight unseen as I normally don't do this but this seem to be just what it was, a very good deal.
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